Body First HOME FITNESS BINGO Challenge

April 15th-May 15th 2020

Get your Body First Home Fitness Bingo Card


  • MARK OFF A BINGO SQUARE BY DOING and POSTING W #bodyfirstbingo (on the Body First Fit Group or on instagram)THE ACTIVITY LISTED IN THE SQUARE. For any activity, you can only mark out one BINGO square at a time. (i.e. you take an online Zumba Class you can mark off the Zumba Square or Online Workout square but not both.) The center square counts a free space.
    • BINGO is won by getting 5 across, down or diagonally.
    • FOUR CORNERS can be won by completing the four corners of your card
    • BLACKOUT is won completing the whole card.
  • SUBMIT your  card once you have completed a Bingo, Four Corners or a Blackout – to submit simple upload a  picture and post on the Body First Fit Group Page
  • WIN- Starting April 22nd we will choose a winner from the winning cards submitted.
  • Additional rules and restrictions may apply.