Body First Tennis


Body First is committed to provide Tennis Opportunities to the Manhattan and the Flint Hills.

indoor tennis courts

Tennis Courts

Home to Manhattan’s only indoor tennis facilities, Body First Tennis and Fitness Center offers the chance to measure level of play and improvement with a variety of programs for the whole family with tennis programs and instruction for all levels. Body First offers a variety of programs for our members to participate in, including: Tennis Drill, Beginner Clinics,, Tennis Lessons, Junior Tennis Programs, Tennis Socials, and more.

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Tennis Court Fees


Sports and Legacy Members receive discounts on court fees

Non-Members must purchase a day pass and must be playing with a member.

Court Reservation and Non Member Policies


  • Reservations are based on availability.
  • Court demand may limit maximum use to one session per individual and two sessions per day per family.
    Reservations will be limited to a maximum of 90 minutes.
  • Additional court time will be on an availability basis and at the discretion of the Body First Staff. When reserving a court, you may only reserve for your party.
  • Players who do not claim their reserved court within 15 minutes will forfeit the reservation and the court will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Lessons are not considered court reservations. Late lesson cancellations shall warrant an automatic charge for the lesson.
  • Basic Members and Student Memberships: can reserve courts up 2 days in advance
  • Sports and Legacy Members: can reserve courts up to 7 days in advance

Court Cancellation Policy

  • Court times should be canceled at least twelve hours in advance on the day of play, to allow for re-booking.
  • Body First reserves the right to charge a $10 cancellation fee for any court not canceled 12 hours prior to court time.
  • Body First reserves the right to revoke reservation privileges for repeat late cancellation offenders.

Ball Machine Policy

  • Ball Machine may only be used on designated courts.
  • Ball machine users must be courteous of players on other courts
  • After ball machine use, all balls must be picked up and the ball machine returned to the proper storage area.