Body First Adult Tennis Programs


Body First is committed to provide Tennis Opportunities to the Manhattan and the Flint Hills.

Cardio Tennis

Get a great workout while improving your tennis game. This high energy group activity. improves cardiovascular endurance and tennis skills. Cardio Tennis provides an ultimate workout and ultimate fun. No need to sign up just DROP-IN

Cardio Tennis Classes are listed on our Group X Calendar.

Adult Tennis Drill Groups

Body First drill groups are a fun social way to improve your game. Drill Groups offer live-ball drills simulating match play situations.

Drill Groups are not designed to focus on individual stroke technique.

Drop in Drills (no reservation required) are listed on our Group X Calendar.

Private Tennis Lessons

30 min Private Tennis Lesson $35

member price $28

45 min Private Tennis Lesson $50

member price $40

60 min Private Tennis Lesson $65

member price $45


Semi-Private Tennis Lessons

(2 People) Team up with your best friend, sweetheart or frenemy for a workout for two.

30 Min Partner Training Session $20


60 Min Partner Training Session
$30 per person

Small Group Tennis Lesson

Why should fitness programs be one size fits all? They shouldn’t. Our trainers customize a program specific for you. Whether you are looking to become more fit, overcome a plateau, or just get moving using a personal trainer may be more necessity than luxury.

30 min 1-on-1 Training $35

45 min 1-on-1 Training $50

60 min 1-on-1 Training $65



Save when you purchase in bulk.

10 X 60 Min Cardio Tennis …$120

$200 VALUE

10 X 90 Min Cardio Tennis…$180

$300 VALUE


(4 X 60 Min Cardio Tennis and 4 X 90 Min Cardio Tennis)

$200 VALUE

Purchase as a gift certificate online


Save with Cardio Tennis Bundles

Grand Slam Fitness Package



10 X 30 Min
Personal Training Sessions

10 X 60 Min
Private Tennis Lessons

Fitness Evaluation


over a $1000 value

Prepare to play the game of your life.

Private Tennis Lesson Packages


Work with the tennis pro/instructor one-on-one and get exactly what you need

single sessions are Perfect for:

Perfect your serve

Learning to play the game

Buy your package today