How yoga rescued the Tinman- an introductory yoga class for the inflexible.

Tin Woodsman

Why the Tinman? When Dorothy found the Tinman he was rusted and immovable. With a little help from Dorothy and some oil, he was able to move again. Though he never became as bendy as the Scarecrow, he was still able to embark on journey with Dorothy and friends.
Likewise we hope you will have the heart to join us on a yoga journey.


Groan when you move?

Oil your joints with yoga.

September 9th-October 5th, 2018

 Fridays 9:15 AM; Sundays 6:45 PM

Body First members and members of the community are invited to attend this limited edition class taught by Conni


This class is designed for those who have limited flexibility, seniors, participants recovering from injury, and anyone looking for a gentle, mindful stretching and movement class. We will combine mellow yoga poses, stretching, use of props, and offer modifications including chair yoga.

All levels are welcome.  NO YOGA EXPERIENCE NECESSARY

Please discuss any injuries or health concerns with your instructor before class.

Ability to get down onto and up off the floor is not needed.  Participants will need to navigate stairs to access the classroom.