One of the favorite challenges at Body First is our Floor to Stand Challenge.  This challenge tests your mobility and fitness at the most basic level. Not only does it measure your muscular strength, but it also requires flexibility, balance, and motor coordination.  During this month-long challenge, we encourage all of GroupX participants and members to 

The Sitting-Rise Test

In a 2014 study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology proposed that the sittingrising test (SRT) could be used predictor of longevity.  

DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt this test if there is any risk you may hurt yourself.

1. Stand in comfortable clothes (your bare feet are preferred), with clear space around you.
2. Without leaning on anything, cross your legs and then lower yourself to a sitting position on the floor.
3. Now stand back up, trying not to use your hands or external help.

On a 10-point scale (5 points for sitting, 5 points for rising).
Subtract 1 point when each of the following is used for support (hand, knee, forearm, side of the leg, hand on knee/thigh).
Subtract 0.5 point for loss of balance.

Total Score of 8-10 pts = No concern
Total Score below 8 = Concerns regarding your musculoskeletal fitness

Whatever your score is, the good news is you can improve it!



Sit to Stand Balance Drills: Personal Trainer Jess Beauchemin in the Pacific Northwest offers so helpful videos showing demonstrating Progressions for getting off the floor and coming to stand.


Kneel to Stand with a Chair

Kneel to stand

Cross Leg Sit to Stand

Not ready for floor to stand- Try the Sit to Stand Daily Challenge!

The sit to stand exercise is a great mobility exercise that is  is easy, it is functional, and is necessary for pretty much everything you do during the day. Our challenge is to this the sit to stand at least 10 times each day.