Youth Fit

YOUTH FIT: FUN, INTERACTIVE, and SAFE approach to fitness for youth

If you are looking for a fun, interactive, and supportive approach to fitness and health for your child, then look no further! Body First is offering Youth Fit, a  youth fitness program that encourages kids to take part in physical activity targeted toward growth and development. Our group-based program focuses not only on exercise but healthy eating and basic nutrition need as your child grows into adulthood. Your child will gain confidence by being physically active in a program designed to be challenging and engaging. The key principle to this program is to create a positive environment, generate effective outcomes and decrease the risk of overuse and injury for your child. The group-based approach will keep your child motivated to reach his or her goals.

Each session of the  Youth Fit program includes:

  • Exercise/Training Session with a Personal Trainer
  • Hands-on Nutrition Education
  • Functional Movement screening and more



4PM and 5PM

November 15th-December 10th


No class Thanksgiving Week

Questions??? Contact Janee or Autumn at 785 587 8300


Flyer for RUN JUMP THROW DEC 12 2021 at Ahearn 9-11 AM