Many of you have questions about the Body First closure and how it relates to your membership.  We have outlined some answers below. As you can imagine, we are a bit overwhelmed, so we appreciate any additional questions from you be emailed to Conni at  It may take us a few days to respond to everything. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this unusual time.

Your Membership Dues

Body First will not be charging any dues during the period we are closed.

For members who pre-paid for memberships for the period we are closed we will be crediting their account for the period we are closed (and they pre-paid for) and apply to the end of thier membership term. We be extending their renewal date once we re-open.

UPDATE 3/31/2019: For Student memberships we will extending their expiration date from May 31st to August 31st.

Current Amount

Members who currently have charges on their account (i.e., billed services) they need to pay can go online at


All memberships are now considered on Hold until we re-open.  Body First will be waiving all Freeze and Hold fees until we re-open.

Purchased Packages, Series Sales

All existing packages, series sales, and pre-paid services will remain on your account while we are closed.

Wellness redefined

During our closure, we will continue to promote wellness. We highly recommend that during our closure you continue to practice self-care, exercise, and try some stress-busting activities.  Since we are unable to provide our preferred  hands-on approach we are working to provide online wellness solutions for you.   Watch your email (sign up for Body First E-News), follow us on Facebook, or Instagram for Body First wellness resources.

The Body First Team

Due to the closure, we have been forced to lay off nearly all of our 40 employees.  This will allow them to file for benefits so they can make it through this difficult time.  When we re-open, we will work diligently to help make them “whole” again.  We ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers and send them good vibes.

The Body First Family

We highly value the community that has grown at Body First over the past 23 years.  Some of the best times of the day are when we get to see all our favorite peeps come through the front door.  Though we cannot recreate the same experience, we are working to create an online community of our clients, members, trainers, instructors, and therapists. We hope you will join Body First FitBody First Yogis, or the Body First Tennis Facebook groups.