Summer is a time that conjures up ideas of relaxing by the pool, taking it easy and enjoying life.  Somehow those ideal peaceful summer days and nights are far more sporadic than many of us would hope.

Early summer brings us graduations, weddings, summer school, swim lessons, ball games, summer musical practice, and more.  We left with a hectic June that flies by with little chance for relaxation or rejuvenation.

Boom! It is suddenly July.  Loud and heated. July offers firecrackers, hot dogs on the bar-b-q, long car rides to far-off vacation destinations,  family reunions, county fairs, and sweaty days complete with stifling humidity.

But now it is August, our last chance to enjoy the summer. Luckily August is the perfect month to take a breather from summer stress.

3 reasons we think August might just be the perfect month for fighting the stress of the summer.

#1 August is full of official days to take it easy.

It’s almost official August is the month to be lazy and relax. With a slew of national days[1] centered around the theme of taking it easy, it is easy to see why August could be the most laid back month of the year.  Here are some of our favorites

National Wiggle your toes day- August 9th

Take those shoes off and wiggle your toes.  A walk in the grass sounds nice or maybe grab your yoga mat and take a Body First Yoga class for a grounded way to spread and wiggle your toes and combat stress.

National Lazy Day- August 10th

Get your hammock ready! Take that afternoon nap, leave the dishes for tomorrow, don’t do the Laundry…Just Chill!  National Lazy Day is a great reminder the rest days are an important part of your fitness journey.

Rest days help avoid repetive use injuries and over training; gives are body a time to repair tissues dambaged by the mechanical stress of exercies; help your body properly replace the energy stores, and prevent burnout.

Rest days are just as important as the workouts we do as part of our fitness journey

National Relaxation Day- August 15th

Slow Down, Breathe, and RELAX.  August 15th is a day dedicated to unwinding, chillin’, and relaxation.  A perfect day for a Body First Massage, a stress-reducing workout, or, just hanging out in your pajamas.

Other fun de-stressing August Days include – Happiness Happens day (Aug 8), National Tell a Joke Day (Aug 16), and  Just Because Day (Aug 26)- to just name a few.


#2 New Crayons!- They can help feel better and reduce stress

The stores are full of school supplies in August including our favorite- CRAYONS.  Go ahead and get a box of new crayons- it could be could be good for your mental health.  According to researchers at the University of the West of England, Bristol.  “Coloring can help to improve mood, reduce stress and boost creativity.[2]

#3 Old and New friends- They make us healthier

Old friends back from vacation, we have the more opportunities to meet  new friends as more people move into town, we begin activities starting in the fall.  These friends can help us be healthier.  An Australian research study found that if our friends have a health lifestyle including a healthy diet and exercise the more likely we are to have one too.  [3]  So the next time you’re thinking of skipping they  gym why not grab a friend to go with or meet go to a Body First group fitness class like Zumba or Morning Muscle to meet new friends?

August is a wonderful time to savor the remains of summer, Breathe, Relax, Chill, and Enjoy.






[2] University of the West of England “Coloring Reduces Stress and Boosts Creativity.” NeuroscienceNews. NeuroscienceNews, 4 May 2018.

[3] Ball, K., et al., Is healthy behavior contagious: associations of social norms with physical activity and healthy eating. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2010. 7(1): p. 1.