This fall parents wishing to enroll their kids in Body First  Pre K Tennis, Red Ball, Orange Ball, Green Group, or Teen Tennis will now join through the UFM Community Learning Center. This part of Body First’s commitment to growing youth tennis in the community.

UFM Community Learning Center is a non-profit campus and community education program serving Kansas State University, the Manhattan area, and communities across Kansas.  People from across the community have participated in UFM programs from their swimming programs, art classes, computer courses, martial arts, fitness, and so much more.  UFM is a real gem for the Manhattan community.

UFM also helps distribute and facilitate many scholarship programs, including the Roger Trenary Tennis Scholarship fund which helps youth players participate in area programs.

Body First is grateful for UFM’s willingness to partner with us to make registration easier for parents and to help grow tennis in the community.


Registration for High-Performance Junior Tennis Clinics, Match Play, Team Tennis, Junior Tennis Socials, and other tennis events will continue to be through Body First.

Questions?  Contact Conni at 785 776 6060