Grow, Expand, Explore- a 12 Day Yoga Challenge

This July Body First will be offering a Yoga Challenge to help yogis GROW in their yoga practice, EXPAND their yoga horizons, and EXPLORE what yoga can offer them.  By attending Body First classes, participating in the Body First Yogis facebook group, and sharing their yoga experience participants can become eligilble for prizes from Body FIrst including a 60 minute Body First massage, Private Yoga session, and Yoga mat.

3 reasons you should try the Body First yoga challenge

GROW in your yoga practice,

EXPAND your yoga horizons,

EXPLORE what yoga can offer you

  • GROW– To grow within our yoga practice, we often need to do more yoga. By participating in the Body First yoga challenge, you may find that you are inspired to start today and not wait until tomorrow; to be motivated to get the mat on a more regular basis; reach your yoga goals, and with something new to do each day feel empowered to grow your yoga practice.
  • EXPAND– By widening our yoga experience you open yourselves to meeting with new friends, broadening your knowledge of poses, breath, and yoga in general; and developing a deeper more meaningful yoga practice. Join us in expanding your yoga horizons.
  • EXPLORE– . A yoga challenge can help bring a new twist (no pun intended) to your practicetry new poses, styles of yoga Delve into  deeper, meet new people you

More about Lauren

Lauren will be your guide for 12 Day Yoga Challenge at Body First that starts July 8th.  She will be sharing a daily challenge on the Body First Yogis facebook group.  Also, she will offer motivation, helpful tips, and other yoga bits of wisdom to help you GROW, EXPAND, and EXPLORE on your yoga journey.

“I enjoy teaching yoga and challenging students to explore their boundaries; not just in Asanas but in breathe and meditation “ ~Lauren.


  • JOIN the Body First Yogis Facebook Group
  • COME to Body First Yoga Classes- Check out the group X Schedule online to see class times or pick up a schedule at Body First.
  • DO THE CHALLENGES- Complete as many challenges as possible between July 8th-20th.
  • TELL OTHERS.  By telling others, you are doing the challenge you will discover some additional accountability and motivation to keep you going.
  • SHARE THE JOY OF YOGA.  Bring a friend to a yoga class, share your experience in the Body First Yogis facebook page or your own social media page, welcome newbies to class, or just smile at the world after class.


  • One entry for every Body First yoga class attended- Attendee must sign in at the class.
  • One entry per challenge completed. Complete as many challenges as possible between July 8-20th. to to increase chances of winning.
  • Challenge is over July 20th, 2019, at 1 AM.
  • Challenge is open to everyone; you do not need to be a Body First Member to participate. Nonmembers- remember to check in at the front desk when you come to a Body First class.
  • Other terms and conditions may apply