Not able to get a massage?  Combat neck and shoulder tension with this simple passive stretch.

Sitting at the computer for long periods can lead to neck and shoulder tension.

Sitting for long periods at a computer can cause the muscles on the front of your neck to shorten and the muscles on the back to lengthen. Troubleshoot problems like headaches and neck pain by starting by addressing issues related to shortened and lengthened muscles with a simple stretch you can do at home.


Passive cervical and neck stretch

This simple stretch helps relieve muscle tension in your neck and shoulders.

This simple stretch is a great way to combat the neck and shoulder tension we carry.

  1. Hang your head slightly over the edge of the bed.  Let the deep muscles in the back of your neck muscles and your trapezius muscles relax. 

Don’t worry if you feel some slight cramping occurs. This is normal.

  1. Take a couple of deep breaths and let the muscles relax further.
  2. Once the muscles relax, you can choose to
    • slowing and carefully slide back onto the bed and gently get up
    • or increase the stretch by scooting a little further off the bed, letting more of your head hang over the edge of the bed. Repeat until you feel you feel like you have gotten the full benefit of the stretch.
  3. Carefully and gently slide back onto the bed, without sitting up, and continue to rest or rise slowly and enjoy your more relaxed neck and shoulders

It is not unusual to fall asleep and get refreshing nap in while doing this exercise.

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