Give wellness this holiday season- and take some of the stress out of gift-giving

Stumped on gift ideas? Dreading the idea of hitting crowded box stores in hopes of finding something they might like? Are your eyes and brain hurting from surfing for that is unique from the world’s largest online catalog? Are you just stressed from all the holiday giving?

We have come up with some of our favorite stress-busting, health-giving, and wellness related gift ideas to help take the stress out of your holidays and bring joy to others.

Give the Gift of Nature

Women standing in the tallgrass praire.Nature is an effective stress buster.  Whether you are trying to find the perfect gift for someone who appreciates a beautiful sunset, loves to kayak, or gets their nature fix by hiking in the great outdoors, there are great gifts for nature lovers that help them get their nature fix help support the nature they love.

Give Comfort Food and an improved mood.

Bowl of butternut squash soupComfort foods like home-made mac and cheese, savory soups, and fresh baked goods are said to be good thoughts and warm feelings that can be eaten. Though some comfort food choices may get a bad rap for being high in carbs or fat, in moderation, most comfort foods can actually be good for us physiologically and psychologically.

Studies have shown that when someone consumes comfort food, they may feel less lonely and experience an improved sense of emotional well-being.  Though moderation and eating a balanced diet is always recommended- giving comfort food can be a delicious way to feed the mind, body, and soul with good things.

If you are not a cook- give a gift card to their local favorite restaurant so they can order their favorite comfort foods.  Right now, we love the comfort food available in Manhattan through  LABCo MarketArrow, and the Grill to Go.

Give them a morning pick-me-up and some great health -benefits.

Not only is sipping on a nice cup of hot tea or coffee an enjoyable way to start your morning, drinking tea or coffee (in moderation) also offers significant health benefits. Tea has been shown to boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease.

Coffee can also have a positive impact on health.  Coffee can help with heart health, liver function. It can also reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s, colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, strokes, and more.

Giving that gift of a morning pick-me-up is easy getting a cup at your favorite local coffee shop and picking up a gift card, a bag of coffee, or some tea.  Lately, the Body First staff has been caffeinating at Paramore Coffee, Arrow, Bluestem Bistro, and Radina’s.  (Yes, we know we may have a coffee addiction.)

Give Dark Chocolate and give a little joy, a healthy heart, and a longer life.

Eating chocolate is good for your heart?  It’s true, but it needs to be dark chocolate, preferably not Dutch-processed. Daily intake of Dark chocolate is linked to a  reduced risk of heart disease and mortality, possibly in part by reducing blood pressure and inflammation. 

Giving the joy of savoring a bite of dark chocolate is a thoughtful way to show you care for them, body and soul.


Shop local and give a healthier community

Did you know shopping locally is actually healthy for you and the community? It is said that people of thriving communities are the hearts and small businesses are the backbone. Communities with a thriving local business tend to have a healthier community overall.  These communities have more resources for non-profits to community organizations that provide opportunities for improved physical, mental, and financial health.

  • You are helping the whole community.  For every $100 spent at a local business, more than two-thirds stay in the community versus roughly one-third staying in the community when money is spent at non-locally owned businesses.
  • You are helping local nonprofits and those they serve. 91% of locally owned businesses are likely to donate to their community.  They tend to give to local schools, nonprofits, and community organizations that directly help create a healthier community. One study showed that in one region of the U.S.  that for every $100,000,00 of sales, local businesses will donate about $4,000 to charitable organizations compared to Walmart only donating $1,000.

Give the Gift of Wellness…Give Body First

Finally, Body First Wellness Gift Giving Guide would not complete without suggesting giving the gift of Body First.  Our business is wellness, so when you give a Body First Gift Certificate, you are giving them wellness.

Body First Massage- Relaxation, Stress Relief, Sports recovery, pain management… so many reasons someone needs a massage and so many reasons to give it as a gift.  This is one gift you should probably give to yourself and to others.

Body First Personal Training and Memberships.  Give a Body First gift certificate they can use towards their personal training or memberships for a fitter and healthier New Year.

Don’t forget to give some wellness to yourself this holiday season.