2020 Court Resurfacing

Wednesday, December  16th , 2020- Hello Court Colors

The courts are starting to look more like tennis courts.  Purple and grey are applied over the base layer.

Tuesday December  15th , 2020- Base layer goes down.

It’s getting real.  Black base layer is applied to hide any stains or previous colors from bleeding through.  The colors should really pop!

Monday December 14, 2020- Courts prepped for resurfacing

In addition to bringing in barrels of paint- Backdrop curtains are tied up, nets removed, and surface prep begins. High spots were ground down and low spots will be filled later.

Fall 2020- Colors chosen for court resurfacing

K-State Purple and K-State Dark Gray will replace the purple and tan that have been on the courts since 2018. As the indoor home to the K-State Women’s Tennis team  purple and grey was chosen and  help will create a brighter and more vibrant facility look.

Swatches of color for K-State Purple and K-State Dark gray

Fall 2020- Decision Made to resurface the indoor tennis

Due to several areas that were showing wear, some surface flaws, and a desire to bring a fresher face to the courts  it was decided it was time to resurface the indoor tennis courts.