The world can be stressful, and sometimes we need ways to help us combat all the stress we encounter.

Opt-out of stress

When the world seems to brim with stress from social media, communication, news, experiences, and sometimes our own family, it is often best to choose to opt-out of the stress when we can.

Opt-in to cuteness to combat stress.

One approach is to replace that stress with behaviors that may seem to that can help combat stress.  Sure, meditation, yoga, massage are great ways to help build your resilience to stress. Still, there is another light-hearted approach that can also work- VIEWING CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES AND VIDEOS.A cute koala sleeping in a tree

Research has shown that the positive emotions we experience by viewing cute pictures or videos of animals can help us be more resilient to stress. So go ahead and download some puppy and kitten pics, watch the cute animal videos, and opt-out of stress.

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