Body First welcomes Anneliese Spence to the Body First Fitness Staff.  Annliese  is completing a degree in Kinsesiology (anticipated graduation May 2019) and A.C.E. certified personal Trainer

Annie provides client centered and evidence based coaching and personal training.  Though she is well versed her the weight room, Annie offers  fun, energetic and non-intimidating personal training

When Annie is not coaching, lifting, or thinking about training she can be found outside with her fiance and her two dogs or possibly found spending time with the community at her favorite local cafe.

Anita is currently taking appointments throughout the week.  To schedule a complimentary fitenss evaluation with Annie please call 785 587 8300.

Annie  joins Kimberly Benek, Brooke Boatrigth, and Aimee Achilles in providing providing personal training at Body First.