It has been a championship year for many of the Body First Sports Massage clients. Week after week we help clients on We want to celebrate all of them and all the other champions out there. Congrats to those

  • attaining your personal best– We love to see records fall especially when it is a personal record.
  • achieving that first– Yes a first-place finish is impressive but we know all the hard work that goes into and joy that comes from completing that first 5k, half marathon, or steeplechase; hitting that first home run, or swimming that 100 M Fly.
  • winning that trophy– You gotta love that bling whether it is a coveted glass team trophy, championship ring, finisher medal, or just ice cream sundae with sprinkles after the game.
  • Making a champion comeback: Injuries suck but we love watching the comeback. Nothing gives us greater pride knowing that we were part of the reason someone is able to compete again.


About Body First Sports Massage

Each year Body First invests in training and educating their massage therapy staff so the Body First Sports Massage Team can help athletes perform better. Whether you are a newbie, weekend warrior, high school. collegiate,or elite athletes the Body FIrst Sports massage team’s knowledge and experience can benefit you.

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