July 2018

Body First 12 and Under Tennis Camps


Body First Fundamental Camps are  four day camps geared towards getting kids playing more tennis.  Fun for all levels including games, contests, drills and other tennis mayhem.

Camps are based on age however Players may be divided into smaller groups during each camp based on skill level as needed.

12&U July Camp Dates

Camp 3: July 9th– June 12th

Camp 4: July 23rd– July 27th


Red Ball Camp

Completed Kindergarten to Age 8

USTA QUICKSTART FORMAT  Red Balls move slower through the air, bounce lower and travel less distance to maximize play. Classes taught on smaller courts using smaller nets.  Focus on developing  basic tennis and athletic skills through fun games

 9:20am-10:20 am


Orange Ball Camp

Ages 9-10

USTA QUICKSTART FORMAT  Classes taught with an orange low-compression ball and on a 60’ court. The orange ball moves a little faster and travels farther than the  red ball but still has a lower bounce than a standard yellow ball.

10:30am-11:30 am


Green Group Camp

Ages 10-12

 Beginner/Intermediate* Pre-Teen Player

Class is designed for beginner and intermediated  level players ages 10-12, building on athletic base while teaching the fundamentals necessary to serve, rally, and score using a rally/game/drill based curriculum


11:45 am-12:45 pm