Picture of Autumn smiling at the camera

Autumn Hohmann

Certified Personal Trainer

B.S. Health and Human Performance Exercise Science Concentration, Fort Hays State University

currently enrolled in the Kinesiology Masters program, Kansas State University

Professional Certifications:

National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT®)

“I want to set my clients up for success in their current lifestyle and in their future”

Autumn understands the importance of making every workout enjoyable. If you don’t enjoy working out, you are far less likely to stick to a workout routine and make it part of your lifestyle. She incorporates a variety of styles of workouts so you enjoy doing them each session. Working out with Autumn is never boring building you while also incorporating new ones and expanding your horizons, so working out will never get boring. Her clients see success in their current lifestyle and in their future. This means including all parts of fitness training into your workout plan: cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility training, along with balance or functional fitness. She works towards progress always, and will always do her best to get you one step closer to achieving your goals each session.

Why clients often choose Autumn as their personal trainer because she has success

  • helping clients looking to improve their cardiovascular health
  • developing programs that help clients improve their strength and develop muscle tone.
  • designing more advance programs to fit the needs of clients looking to reaching specific goals.
  • providing results with her Sports Specific Training
  • creating an environment that is motivating and FUN!

Autumn Hohman Jumping Splits

Five of the top attributes Autumn brings as a personal trainer to Body First

  1. Knowledge– With a bachelor’s degree in health and human performance, and currently working towards a master’s degree in kinesiology, Autumn is able to offer a wealth of knowledge to clients.  Her current National Strength and Conditioning Association Certification Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT®) sets her apart with one of the most prestigious certifications in the fitness industry.
  2. Flexibility– Autumns understands the busy lives people live and the works towards finding solutions to help  everyone has busy lives and I am willing to work around your schedule as much as possible.
  3. Ambitious– Big dreams are for myself and my career, so I will always do what it takes to give my clients the best of me every session.
  4. Passionate– I have a strong passion for understanding human movement and improving performance.
  5. Adaptive– I appreciate how every person is unique and will design a workout program that best fits you, and as you change I will adapt to your new needs.

Watching people improve will always be inspiring to me. I taught dance for six years, and seeing improvements, big or small, was always very rewarding I know personal training at Body First will bring me this same inspiration and reward.

Professional Organization Memberships:

National Strength and Conditioning Association


  • Recreational Athletes
  • Teens