Anneliese Spence

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness

B.S. Kinesiology, Kansas State University-anticipated graduation May 2019

Professional Certifications:

American Council of Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
USA Weight Lifting Certified Coach- Level 1

“I offer  client-centered and evidence-based coaching because I believe everyone deserves the life-giving benefits of exercise”

Annie’s iron journey began at an early age. Filled with a deep love for science, science fiction, and comic art she became fascinated with drawing the human body, in particular the anatomical musculature of the human system.  At the young age of 12, she purchased a copy of Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier.  She was so inspired by the art within the book when she joined a local basement gym.  Surrounded by power lifters and bodybuilders she not only was inspired by what the human body was capable of her curiosity was piqued.   Hours were spent training among the power racks, weights, barbells, dumbbells and machines from the 80s.   In addition, Annie consumed every book and resource on training she could get her hands on.  Simply put Annie had become an true enthusiast of strength training and weight lifting.

Years later, a college-age Annie would personally discover how resilient the human body could be.  Less than 10 years after beginning her journey Annie experienced a severe crush injury while in New Zealand. The physically traumatic experience  left  Annie with 29 screws and 3 plates in her pelvis and spine and a deep understanding of what it means to be active while living with pain.

Galvanized by her experience Annie chose to funnel her interest and love of capabilities of the human body into a fitness career.  She focused on expanding her knowledge base by pursuing a degree in Kinesiology, obtaining her personal training and weightlifting coach certifications, and exploring a variety of fitness related educational opportunities.

Annie provides client centered and evidence based coaching and personal training.  Though she is well versed her the weight room, Annie offers  fun, energetic and non-intimidating personal training

When Annie is not coaching, lifting, or thinking about training she can be found outside with her fiance and her two dogs or possibly found spending time with the community at her favorite local cafe.

Professional Organization Memberships:

USA Weightlifting
National Strength and Conditioning Association


  • Working with clients with disabilities, chronic illness, joint replacement
  • Functional Training and Strength for older adults
  • Strength Sports Training

Additional Trainings/ Certificates

Safe Sport Certified
EXOS: Advanced Strength and Power Training
Physio Plus: Dysfunctional Breathing
Physio Plus: Principles of Exercise Rehabilitation