Sports Massage Therapist


Body First Wellness and Recreation Center is locally owned and was founded by a Massage Therapist. Join our staff of 6+ therapists who work hard to promote wellness in our community and provide professional massage therapy. We are currently looking for massage therapists with an interest in and/or experience with Sports Massage and deep tissue modalities.

This career is a strong fit for someone who:
• Possesses an in-depth knowledge of the human body and wants to learn
• Views a massage therapist as a healthcare professional
• Is willing to put in the time and effort to build a successful massage therapy career
• Enjoys working with other health care professionals to help others live better lives
• Likes to meet new people and build lasting relationships

Preferred Qualifications.
Certification and/or licensure in Massage Therapy from accredited program (750 hours or more preferred)
or approved apprenticeship program
OPTIONAL: Bachelors in kinesiology, athletic sports training, or other related field that includes an in-depth knowledge of the human body is essential.
Additional certifications relating to Massage Therapy and/or Bodywork are a plus.
Ability to travel to sporting events to provide sports massage to athletes is a plus (not required)

  • Reporting to Project Manager
  • Converting designs to HTML
  • Graphic Designing
  • Some JS coding required
Preferred Qualifications and Experience

Ideally 2 — 4 years experience in an agency environment working in mult-tiered teams

Job Brief

Full-time with willingness to travel