Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers

Move it! Shake it! Lift It! Body First is currently hiring fitness instructors and personal trainers for our growing Fitness Program and membership.

Body First Wellness and Recreation Center is locally owned and was founded by a Massage Therapist. Body First offers massage therapy, yoga, personal training, group fitness, tennis, fitness, and more. Our mission is to provide wellness solutions for a lifetime to our members, clients, and guests.

Preferred Qualifications.
Possess at least one nationally recognized certification in group exercise and or personal training (ACE, NSCA, ACSM, NASM, Cooper, RTS, Zumba, Yoga Fit, etc.)
Have at least 2 years experience
Willingness to work with a variety of clients of varying ages, background, fitness levels, and limitations
Vision and ambition to create member-centered programs including boot-camps, fitness challenges, etc.
Have a strong dedication to a wellness lifestyle

  • Provide Personal Training Certifications
  • Generate design initiatives
  • Creating design outlines
  • Present and defend design approaches
Preferred Qualifications and Experience

Ideally 2 — 4 years training experience with diverse populations

Personal Training Certifications

Job Brief

Full or Part Time Position